Celebrate your love like you celebrate life - with spirit, joy, and lots of color!
Beautiful bohemian gowns and accessories for the artists, the lovers, the starry-eyed wanderers who have found their heart’s desire.

You’ve found your soulmate. You’ve set the date.

Now it’s time to tell your story. Who are you? And what is this wild love of yours?

Miri bridal has the perfect dresses and accessories for your bohemian fairytale wedding.

custom-made lace dresses and gowns
enchanting flower crowns and veils
exquisite jewelry
ethereal shawls and shrugs
unique custom pieces

Delicacy, fine craftsmanship, mysterious old-world finds, and a touch of the contemporary define the Miri bridal aesthetic.

Everything here is designed and meticulously hand-crafted by the artist using antique textiles, amulets, and little treasures from all over the world, each with its own life and its own story.

The best part of all: Miri bridal is part of a support network for women. Jyoti, our sari supplier in Delhi is the single mother of a young boy (like me). She runs her own business, procuring vintage and antique saris from women in remote Indian villages. She makes a living for herself and her boy, I make a living for myself and my boy, and the village women make a living for themselves and their families. And so our stories join.

What is your love story?

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Miri boheme

Miri boheme has been in the online business since 2012, and has a 5-star rating on Etsy. Click here to see our reviews!  


 All items are carefully and responsibly sourced. 

  • Almost all fabric items are created with vintage and antique textiles and vintage notions (tassels, buttons, etc.).

  • The remaining fabric items are created using newly-reated textiles handmade by indigenous people across the globe (Ecuadorian hand-woven alpaca textiles, for example). 

  • Jewelry is made with new and vintage or antique materials.

  • All shipping supplies and marketing materials are done on recycled stock and are biodegradable.

     Everything is made by me.

    • With the exception of a few unmodified vintage items (noted in the listings), I create everything you see in my shop.

       We are part of a global woman's economic network.

      • For example, the sari supplier in Delhi is the single mother of a young boy, like me. She gets all her saris from village women during buying trips to remote places in India. She makes a living for herself and her boy, I make a living for myself and my boy, and the village women make a living for themselves and their families! 

         We are trustworthy/we know what we're doing!

        • The textiles are hand-picked by me with my supplier's assistance. She is very knowledgeable in fiber content, origin, and traditions relating to her fabrics. Over the few years I've been involved with this world, I have learned so much from her and from independent research and writing my blog. You can trust our fabrics! Each one has a beautiful story that will be passed on to you.

        • I am a certified aromatherapist and have written MUCH on essential oils and their uses. I have had many years' experience as a practitioner, consultant, and teacher. I think it's vital to return to a holistic way of taking care of ourselves. It's so much more effective and so much better for the planet and our own sense of well being.




        Garments and Jewelry

        These are made with vintage fabrics and supplies and there will sometimes be little flaws such as stains or teeny holes. Although not considered a "flaw," some pieces that are embroidered or beaded have exposed threads on the back. I attempt to use only the most perfect pieces and always check for quality prior to shipping, but if I miss something and the piece is not acceptable to you, I will take it back for full refund or credit.

        If an item is undamaged, but not what you expected, I would be happy to exchange it or refund your purchase price.

        If an item is damaged during shipping, I will refund or replace the item, including all shipping costs, when I receive the original back. 


        Unless otherwise stated (for example, with a custom item), all items are shipped within 3 business days of purchase.

        I always use United States Postal Service First Class. Delivery within the U.S. is within 2-3 business days. If you need something quicker, let me know and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. I will send you a list of options for you to choose from and we can add any additional costs to your invoice.

        For international orders, I ship via USPS First Class International. Purchasers are responsible for any duties and/or taxes levied at the point of entry into the destination country.

        As part of Miri's commitment to sustainable business practices, all purchases will be shipped in very attractive recycled, biodegradable packaging. 

        About Me


        I'm a mom, designer, photographer, entrepreneur, and archaeologist!

        In addition to running two online shops, I am an archaeologist and technical editor at a cultural management resource firm in New Mexico. I became a certified aromatherapist under Jeanne Rose. I write two blogs and have published one book on archaeological monuments in Wales and many articles on natural beauty and skin care.   

        I have an MFA in writing from Naropa University (founded by beat poet Allen Ginsberg and Buddhist monk, Trungpa Rinpoche) and an MA in archaeology from the University of Reading in England.  

        CONTACT US!

        Please feel free to contact me with any questions 

        Miri bridal is located at: 
        Beth McCormack 
        118 Grand Canyon Drive
        White Rock, New Mexico 87547

        Don't see what you want? 
        I am very happy to do custom orders for any occasion.