festivalbrides features miri!

festivalbrides features miri!

The post includes sneak peaks from an amazing photo shoot by Audre Holtz.



We are so thrilled to be featured on this beautiful blog.

Festivalbrides.co.uk is dedicated completely to festival brides and weddings, including tips, ideas, and a great directory with everything you'll need to create your dream wedding.

Check out their feature on Miri Boheme (so so so honoured for this!) and take a look around while you're over there. Click the button below:



Photo Credits:

Model: Eryn Baczek 

Floral designer: Morgan Butt

MUA: Alanna Garcia of Betty Rose by Alanna 

MUA: Casey Flint of Betty rose by Alanna 

Photographer: Audre Holtz 

Assistant: Misty Do 

Assistant: Joey Ochoa

Designer: Beth McCormack of Miri Boheme