a guide to flower crown veils for your bohemian wedding

a guide to flower crown veils for your bohemian wedding

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what could be more perfect for your bohemian wedding than a flower crown? 

how about a flower-crown veil?

from subtle to wild, flower crowns and flower-crown veils 

come in so many different styles now, your choices are limitless!

take a look at our guide and choose your favorite!

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Flower crowns have been popping up everywhere, and the truth is, they look good on everyone. They frame your face and give you a fairy-tale vibe.

They are the perfect choice for a bohemian bride.

Lots of brides go with the typical flower crown shapes, but customize them to suit their wedding themes and personal styles.

Here are some great variations on the typical crown, from subtle to wild!

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Flower-crown Veils

Many bridal designers have been responding to the flower-crown trend by adding them to a more traditional veil.

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Clip-on Veils

Another option is a small veil that can be clipped to the back of your hair or a ponytail. 

This is a great option for those wishing to nod to tradition, but modernize the look.

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Cape Veils  

OR you could go with something completely different and choose a cape-veil!

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Go with the one that makes your heart glad.


models: Jamara Garrett, Selina Baca, Ashley Dunec, Eryn Baczek, and Brenna

photographers: Jasmine Peralta, Audre Holz, Beth McCormack

all dresses, crowns, jewelry: miri boheme